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Land, Portal & House Clearing Blog

Land Portal & House Clearing

What is a house or land clearing?

A house & land clearing is usually achieved by an energy worker, shaman or earth keeper. Someone who specializes in connecting with spirit, lands & multidimensional beings who may possess or be bringing through negative energy, fear & dense frequency. A house & land clearing is not only about spirits and attached beings; sometimes negative energy can be ancestral to the land; traumatic events may have happened on the plot, which needs to be released and transmuted. Simply down to arguments, evil eye, or previous homeowners may have left their energies behind, and it needs transmuting, uplifting and restoring.  

Land or house cleanses can be done by any land or homeowner, however, when energies become more complex and difficult to shift that is when it is the right time to call someone in to guide and help you cleanse the space.

When an energy worker is working with objects, land or the home space it is important to ensure the geopathic stress, leylines, grids & perimeter environment is scouted and understood, all lands are ancient and may come across a variety of energy attached to the space. When the practitioner understands the space they will perform a cleansing ceremony, perhaps a psychopomp to release spirits or an exorcism. This purely depends on what is required.  

Understanding Leylines, Portals & The Earths Magnetic field

Leylines & Mother Earths Magnetic Field.

Leylines are geopathic lines that are mapped out across mother earth. Spiritually they are referred to as her energy points, like how we have our main chakras; mother earth has her own. There has been plenty of research and understanding of the connection between Ley lines and how ancient structures such as pyramids, stone circles, megaliths, and churches are sacred sites that lay across the leylines. For example, the ancient structures that have been found across the ley lines such as the Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Amesbury, and Mt Shasta. 

Ley lines are seen as veins to the centre points of mother earth, how the magnetic field of her, runs through, around the world causing electrical currents (energy) to generate. Across these Ley Lines are ancient monuments, stone circles etc. The magnetic field to earth is highly important to nature and has a large impact on seasons, and habitats as birds, bees and other animals rely on the magnetic field to navigate the earth. Ley lines and ancient structures are centre points where mass electric charge is given off and can usually be felt when touching ancient stones, being within the perimeter of the spaces.

Ley lines have also been incorporated into a variety of otherwise unrelated paranormal subjects, including dowsing rods, UFOs, Atlantis, crop circles, cosmology & numerology.

Check out this diagram below:

Leylines, Portals & Magneticfield


Portals & Gateways

Portals are usually found where the faraway geomagnetic field bumps up against the passing solar wind. The result is a direct pathway between the Earth and the sun. Like a giant, cosmic chutes between the Earth and the sun, magnetic portals open up every eight minutes or so to connect our planet with its host star. Once the portals open, loads of high-energy particles can travel the 93 million miles (150 million km) through the conduit during its brief opening.

An energy vortex is a place on Earth that acts as a hub for energy. It holds more energy than any normal place. They're believed to exist at the intersections of ley lines, or lines of natures energy, that makeup Earth's electromagnetic field. Everything is connected as one.

What causes spirits or negative energy to attach to objects, land and homes?

Spirits, Entities & Attachments

Spirits can be attached to their lineage, home, objects or land. When working with land and homes it is important to ensure what and where these spirits come from as they may be trying to reach out for help or they may have been stuck, passed over with trauma or have no awareness they are deceased. Not all spirits are bad and they don't always wish to cause harm, they want to be seen and heard. 

As for attachments and entities these may be from a more traumatic or negative experience. Some beings do not want to leave the earth plane after passing and wish to remove the new owners from what they still think is their land and property. Most of the time these beings have a sense of loss & cannot find their freedom back to their source, some entities have been sent or aim to possess human bodies as they cannot incarnate into the human vessel. By spreading fear, and trauma and attaching to humans' energy field it is a crack in the works for them to weave themselves in. 

Negative Energy

Negative energy can stay if it's not cleared and so this is why house blessings & cleansing are often practised when moving into a new space. It resets the energy and allows the owners to feel fresh and clean, allowing you to amplify your own vibration to make the space more familiar. Negative energy can be generated from arguments, disagreements, break ups, evil eye & anything that leaves a density. The longer negative energy is left the larger is festers & grows. 

Land Portal & House Clearing

The service we offer

This service we offer will depend on what your home/land requires. We connect with the land and communicate to the spirit of the land which will indicate if there is any distress, other spirits, geopathic stress or other concerns to clear, cleanse and bring in the loving energy that is needed. Once we have performed our service we will always provide a blessing to the land/house. 

For bookings & more information please visit the link below

Land, Portal & House Clearing

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