What are Ascension Activation Crystals?

What are Ascension Activation Crystals?


What are Ascension Crystals?

We know that crystals are multi-dimensional energies that have hardly been discovered. Whilst working with the traditional crystal healing modalities for many years as crystal healers. We soon discovered that we hit a wall with the energies that they are portrayed to be. As we continued to work with the "crystal healing energies," we went with our intuition. We worked with our guides to peel back the labels and systems that were physically implemented upon the crystal vibrations. 

Upon further discovery, we connected to the energies, and we have been shown that these systems and labels have been physically binding crystals as a collective energy also known as programming. When we enter a higher state of frequency and consciousness, we are detaching from the physicality of life and breaking down 3D systems and programmes around and within ourselves. For many years crystals have been labelled to a specific vibration. Yet they are dimensional souls, beings, energies and sacred tools that have grown for millions of years with our mother earth. The issue we have found with working with crystals and clients for many years is that the way crystals are explained is for them to just sit on our window seal and be placed in our bags. With little interaction or understanding of how the energy works on a higher dimension. How do we expect an energy exchange if we are not working or connecting to something extremely sacred and personal? We buy these pieces to invest in ourselves, but we need to put in the work to manifest the intention we wish for.

Our work at ascension activation is to bring in these new higher frequencies. We both work as earth keepers for mother earth. We visit sacred stone circles, channel through the frequencies, light codes and dimensional energies into the ley-lines of mother earth.

We are now only working with the energy and elements of Mother Earth. We have been guided to work with crystals on a sacred level in ceremony. We connect to the soul within the crystal by working with the crystalline grid. Connecting to them allows us to see and feel what energies are being held. How they wished to be worked with by their owner.

There is a frequency resonance that calls in a particular owner. As for the soul, it becomes a multi-dimensional discovery for the keeper to delve into. Connecting and working with a single piece takes time; this is why it has taken us years to understand the depths of crystals. It doesn't define the ultimate work these individual pieces do whenever we channel the download from the crystal soul. However, they provide us with enough information and energy work to resonate with the keeper's needs. 

The entire point of having an ascension crystal is to endeavour your spiritual & healing journey with a sacred piece. So you can discover what it holds for you on your path and develop your connection 1-1. We work in ceremony with the intention of it being your personal sacred tool.

We have realised it's NOT about owning lots of crystals & pairing them together to create a frequency. We are the tools to do this, but sometimes we need help on our journey, and this is why we may seek instruments, plants, crystals, modalities and rituals. 

When we see that everything is generated from multi-dimensional frequency, we can simultaneously call in our intention. The crystal souls & the vibration they hold come forth before the ceremony held by us as we hand-pick all of our pieces intuitively & ethically. So you can sacredly work with a piece and feel the pure exchange when focusing on one crystal at a time. See crystals more as guides & as individuals rather than a general energy, as every single crystal holds unique soul. They should be honoured; they hold much more than what is taught. Crystals are tools rather than "fixers". They can guide us and provide what is required when working energetically.


What do we do?

We decided that Ascension crystals will be our service & work commitment. We prepare for ceremonies with crystals. Our energy has to be in the heart space & we must be clear-minded to do this work. We both lead a plant-based diet to keep our energy system clean and inflow; as for us, it heightens our connection to spirit. We are very clear with our intentions; we only connect with our personal guides & spirit team within the grid we have created, which is why frequency is super important it doesn't allow lower or trickster vibrations in the space. 

It takes much preparation for us to sit with each crystal and open the ceremonial space. We connect with the crystal keepers, who guide and provide us with the knowledge to channel these vibrations, codings, and downloads into creating the space needed for each piece. When we open ceremonial space, we always work with master plants, medicine and instruments to create the vibration, call in the spirits & hold space to bring everything in. 

We are both experienced energy workers, and for each piece we work on, we receive the soul's data and piece the information together to complete the ceremony. 

Sometimes we are given specific instructions to bless, grid or work a certain way before making the crystal available. 


What do I do with my ascension crystal?

We are sacred tool providers, so at times, specific information is given in the download, which can guide you to feel intuitively. 

Intuitive work is extremely powerful as it allows you to tap into your soul and connect with spirit without feeling the need to follow a system. So not only are ascension crystals for spiritual work, but it also helps our consciousness expand and learn how to surrender, let go and push through uncomfortable resistance. That may highlight our programmes in this time that prevent us from becoming our highest version. Always trust your guidance, as this is the first step to being in the flow. 

You may work with techniques such as Shamanic journeying, meditation, trance, or plant medicine. Or simply being in nature where energies are one. You may wish to sit quietly and connect directly to the soul on a telepathic and visual level. We have experienced all of these techniques, which bring many different aspects. 

Set your questions & intentions with your ascension crystal and allow the journeys to unfold. Allow them to guide & take you to places and parts of you that need to be shown. Connecting with the soul can bring in wisdom, codings & development for you to work on; there are no limitations to this way of working. 

We provide a presented scroll with your ascension crystal to reference or return to intentions. If you ever need some help, please reach out to us anytime. We always love to hear about experiences or development along the way. It gives us so much gratitude to spirit for coming through to do this work with us. 


How do I pick the right ascension crystal for me?

If you are looking for something very specific, whether you are doing this in your home space, on your computer, phone or at work. It takes a few seconds to set the intention from your heart.

You may want to express from your heart & mind, "I set the intention to find the crystal's soul who is ready to work with me". The intention is important as it invites the right frequency in for what you need, not what you want.

We are often asked how do I know if the right Ascension crystal is for me. We have had a variety of reactions to this. There is almost a heart-pulling sensation, an emotional attachment or something that has really kicked into the mind, body or soul. A higher knowing of energy work or healing vibrations may be needed, a strong calling as well as intuitive guidance. 


I am worried I am picking someone else's Ascension crystal.

We trust the timing & flow of the universe. Therefore there is never a mistake. If you are fully connected to the energy coming through, please trust your guidance if you have uncertainty, do not purchase. You may want to take some time to sit with the energy first and come back.


Do you ever get the same energies channelled through?

No, we have channelled thousands of Ascension crystals, and none have ever been exactly the same, as each soul is unique. We have had similar vibrations or specific needs for the keeper. However, the entire energy that the crystal soul is downloading is never repeated.


How do I purchase for someone else?

With the intention in the mind of searching for the correct Ascension Crystal, you may want to visualise or call through the person's energy/name. For example, take three deep breaths" I set the intention to find the crystal's soul who is ready to work with (name). I call upon my higher self to guide the necessary vibrations for (name)."


What do I do upon arrival?

It's entirely up to you what happens here; you can open a special ritual or ceremony to connect and become in unity with your crystal soul. We work with many sacred plant medicines in ceremonies to cleanse them before the package is sent off. We spray our pieces and boxes with homemade plant sprays & wrap the scroll with fresh lavender for delivery protection. It is always advised to spend some time feeling the energy and entering meditation or journeying to connect and integrate with your new crystal friend.


Can others use or connect to my ascension tool?

You should only allow other people to work with a personal sacred tool if it is directly used to serve others. Ensure cleansing and restoring energy is practised if others have worked with the soul. When you first touch and integrate with your ascension tool, it will adjust to your frequency in the physical and spiritual dimensions. Cleanse your crystal with the elements and plants, or simply set the intention to work for external vibrations to leave and return any lost fragments to the crystal's soul. Connect with your ascension tool if you need clarification to know who can work with it other than yourself. You never truly know the intentions of others or what they may be working with.


Can I ever have an unusual experience?

Remember that the crystal vibrations pull in what you require. Suppose chaos or spiritual activity begins to occur. In that case, it brings you what needs to be worked on so you can accelerate your healing or spiritual journey. It is important to see the intention and blessing behind the chaos to help you grow. The journey is consciousness expansion to help you ascend into the highest frequency you wish to vibrate with. Trust & Surrender.

To summarise, Ascension Crystals are ancient activation tools for connecting within. They act as the bridge to the spirit world. To assist us with wisdom, knowledge and all multi-dimensional realms. Remember that you are a dimensional being living in a physical world. Allowing us to remember, re-connect, and develop the mind, body & spirit. You have incarnated to this earth plane at a potent time where new horizons are amongst humanity in the ascension of consciousness. 

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