7/7 Sirius Portal: Download & Light Code Activation

7/7 Sirius Portal: Download & Light Code Activation

The Sirius Stargate Portal opens today 3/7-12/8.💫

Numerology number 7 aligns with intuition, a deep sense of spirituality within.

As the Sirius star aligns with the sacred temples of our ancient land, we receive streams of codings catered to our ascension process. The avatar and Lightbody will absorb what is required during these present times. For emotional, spiritual & physical upgrades. Light Activations of truth, seeing & intuitive. Lots of personal power rises through the throat region, as-well as the ability to connect to higher realms through the pineal gland. Sirius wishes to infuse our portals with the conscience of higher knowledge, light and universal codings of embodying love to ourselves and the collective.

It’s not about external planes. It’s about the present existence within you. We are co living dimensional timelines and it can be overwhelming to navigate at times.

Anchoring the Sirius codings of light under this alignment will bring your body into alignment with coding upgrades that will stream from Sirius. Our guides that origin from Sirius have explained how light codes work from each person including what inhabits their soul & spirit. These codes of light will stream through one’s multi timelines, through the cellular system of the avatar & work on areas that are not in connection to the highest aspect of the soul and spirit.

The codings that stream from Sirius are intellectual, higher level of consciousness but also to illuminate frequencies of the Christ consciousness throughout the human body. An activation of the blueprint can be accessed through the tools each soul uses to reach these gateways.

This is a cosmic alignment when the Sirius Star aligns with our central sun and Orion belt. It is an extremely powerful 4/5 weeks of energy surges that have a large impact on activating our plasma light.

Truthfully, without causing confusion with the galactic calendar dates of ancient civilisations and new age interference, they are all indeed separate and are not correlated. This is a yearly event that takes place in the cosmos. The rising of the Sirius alignment begins on the 3rd of July each year and fizzles out by the 12th of August.

The Lionsgate is the 8/8 portal, but it is in fact carried through from the main event of Sirius alignment, as a numerological alignment with the speciality of having this amazing alignment as one. When we connect with the Lionsgate under this potent energy, we are receiving codings also from the Lyra constellation, which is highly connected to astrology and the month of the Fire Leos.

They both hold separate energies but do have large roles to play in our interference with our mind, body & soul. This is a potent time of the year for such large cosmic and numerological portals to cross and take place. If you are feeling out of balance this may be why!

Use this special time to activate, work on expansion within & surrendering to cosmic upgrades to bring the mind, body & spirit into wholeness.



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