9th of The 9th Portal & Full Moon

9th of The 9th Portal & Full Moon

We have been personally feeling this one rising. We will be off for our Portal & Full Moon trip today to work with the energies and give ourselves that time we require in this chaotic time. 

Full Moon Energy

Our wonderful sister moon is currently facing her darkness, which represents it in all of us. We have been working very carefully with her energy as there has been manipulation happening on the earth plane and so it only feels right to give back some energy and love that she needs right now, alongside our Pachamama. Grounding and collecting was a very strong message we received from Sister moon as it was all about restoring fragments, collecting essences of ourselves we have lost through the timelines.

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9-9th Portal Energy

It's all about honesty here and since the Lionsgate, we have birthed and been given some beautiful energies. But it's not always roses and flowers as we have returned back to the 3D world in chaos, there are lots of situations happening around us that are being presented in many beautiful ways, we have to look at it this way otherwise we will find ourselves falling into a trap of darkness. We will be touching on all of this via Instagram Live in the next coming weeks as we knew Part 2 was around the corner. 

There is not much information coming in at this stage until we work with the energies over the next few days but we did receive the information about "Are you ready for the next shift" Spiritual and DNA Activation is happening under this Portal & Full Moon and so it is important for you to be ready to want to delve deep into this one. All that has been birthed; Any chaos, trauma & pain that has risen to the surface over the last 6 weeks must be faced and fully surrendered now with true understanding and transmission. Starseeds & Ancient ones will feel the sensitivity rising and it will impact vibrations it may cause some intense lows but this is why giving yourself time away from everyone is really important at the moment as energy is coming through as feeling "Zapped". Keeping your intake of pure foods, sounds and self-healing is essential right now to the soul and vessel. You may feel a sense of "drifting" in space and via your dream state. Ensure you are grounding your energy if you feel unsafe, you must feel ready to enter these altered states of realities for dimensional healing as its all dimensional higher and lower worker right now, there is no in between as we are still in the transmission of ascending to our higher states via 3D, 4D and 5D. Check-in on yourself and your spirit team, there may be experiences or energy feeling 'Stuck' work with your higher self, team or ancestors to move forward. 

Nature is calling us this weekend and we will post further updates on this blog page.

Love & Blessings always,

Talia & Chris

Full Moon & 9-9 Portal

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