Lionsgate Portal 8.8.22

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Lionsgate Portal 8.8.22

This year has been very important, sacred and significant to earth keepers, cosmic workers and spiritually awakening souls. The year of alignments, twin flames, activations, upgrades and for the souls to step into their path of spiritual power.

Dates: 26th July - August 12th

The lionsgate portals opens once a year beginning to peak from the 28th of July until the 12th of August. The peak is on the 8/8 where the sun is in Leo season, we are still experiencing the energy of Sirius Stargate, Orions belt which all align with our mother earth. The Lionsgate portal has a large connection to the Lyran beings, where they are able to connect to us without the veil sending down there activations, light codes & vibrations of what we need.

What is going on {Symptoms, Energy Update}

Also known as the new galactic year, the peak of this portal will be available under the 8.8.22. Remember that this year, although there are so many beautiful high frequencies coming through, there is a lot of darkness that is trying to come up from so much light coming from our cosmic beings and our earth workers. There is a lot of earth and cosmic manipulation happening within the 4th dimension at the moment, as it is causing a stuck in the matrix or feeling tugged between 3rd and 5th. So what we have been shown so far is the Lyran mother ship aligning with our Central Sun, Sirius & Orion. Cosmic beams of light frequencies are being activated with this powerful alignment through the portal that opens. 

This is what downloads we have received so far. Our guides have informed us that this activation may not be for everyone, not everyone may want to receive the work as it is to accelerate spiritual growth in all the dimensions. Which means drastic shifts will happen within the mind, body and soul, a spiritual test of authenticity, truth and aligning with your purpose, self conflict. This has a big impact on the timelines, we must align with our higher timelines and end the cycle of manipulation, karmic ties and contracts that no longer serve us during our own ascension period, we have to learn to focus within so we can affect the collective. illusions and ego will be put in front of us to test our loyalty, dedication and escaping the matrix we have been programmed into, there are so many facets of this and its about recognising them and pushing through it whilst learning and surrendering. 

This lionsgate gives other star beings on earth a chance to catch up too, experience things they have been avoiding and know that it is time to go through the work that has been avoided. It is shown many star beings from these Stars have come together to weave their DNA into our etheric activating our higher self, connection to our guides and to source energy. Finding the power within to activate the earth and souls who still maybe heavy in the set programmes.

We spent some time collecting Sun codes before this opening and we are still working with the Sirius energies as there is a lot going on via earth and the cosmos right now. They showed us the earths gridlines right now, it is weaved as an orange and pinky-purple web. The web is being broken down, there are several light beings trying to re-weave this new web in the 3rd, 5th and 7th dimensions, bringing it into a oneness, so we are able to access new vibrations, coding and timelines much more fluent for new beings, the next generations and our soul and vessel, cellular upgrades. They are creating new patterns of sacred geometry within this collective and individual webbing. We have to allow it to be repaired with new the DNA, as we are constantly working on and being struck with this. It is to break down the old, denser stuff and shining light onto this, so it can be removed and transmuted from earth. All about adapting. We are adapting to a new earth {web} and so we must allow our own web to break, so we can reweave it with the right energy.

During our journey we was surrounded with beautiful electric blue dragon flies. They landed on us and we allowed that connection to unfold. They connected us to the earths Dragon-lines, their duty under the Lionsgate and Sirius Stargate portal is to birth, reconnect and send out beams of energy through the leylines of the earth, they took us into the water where there are other access points to these dimensions and so they are able to pull through coding and plasma energy. They are physical protectors of the dragon realm, yet they are also rising the fear to the surface so we can transmute it as a collective, we all need to see what is going on so we can have the time to shine in power to be brought back to balance.

{This is the information we have received so far, as the time gets closer we shall continue to update what we download, experience.)

Collective work {For spiritual workers}

Let's start with the amount of possibilities and space for downloads to come through. It has been an intense galactic year just gone. So your guides and higher self are wanting to showing you where to take your work and soul for the next year. Downloads can come in at anytime, not just through meditation, journeying or in ceremonial/ritual. They can come anytime throughout the day or night. But ensure you make room for this. We have been feeling this come through since the Sirius Stargate. So we have decluttered our spaces, homes, clothes and any objects that we are holding onto but no longer need. A simple and clean space has a huge impact on the emotional and spiritual. {you don't have to be spiritually working to do this, detaching from these things helps us generally too}

Whole Foods, Water & Sleep. We cant stress this enough, going back to basics, the crucial things to fuel our entire body and soul. What you are putting in your body is going to be the outcome. Are you consuming positive vibrations, nutrients, purified water? Is your souls vessel resting and having some time to unwind? Self healings and spending some time with your higher self and guides? Releasing dopamine from your body through exercise or any movement that gets your body into a lifted state? As spiritual workers, its important to keep our frequencies high, balanced and consistency as possible. Because if we dip frequently we are open to allowing denser frequencies to enter our mind, body and spirit. When we are faced with challenges or missions on earth to work with the dark stuff, we have to maintain ourselves first and for-most, to avoid tricksters, illusions, possessions etc.

As we know our mother earth is still transitioning, she told us she hasn't settle yet as she still has much emotional and physical purging to do. So light workers, allow yourself to be called to parts of your country or the world to put those beautiful frequencies of love into her, but ensure you are doing this purely and gently. Its all about gentleness right now. There is no space for ego in gentleness. Do the work with intention of service and nothing more. If you are not quite ready or in that space yet, see what is triggering you and work on it first. But what you consume into your vessel, affects your channel. You will be putting that into the earth, humanity or the animal & plant kingdom. Be cautious of this.

Inner work {Calling for internal work}

We have felt very heavy from the 24th-27th which is the rising and the opening of the Lionsgate portal. Some internal work was really showing, but it was definitely a lot deeper than usual. These emotions that have been getting in the way of large growth, so they showed themselves and many different people were showing this for us. For example anger and sadness we have personally felt. Although these two are opposite yet so similar, they show in particular ways to be connected. Something triggered us to feel these emotions, not fully understanding why we cannot shift it. So not only till you sit with it and keep going backwards, it takes you back to the smallest version of yourself. It is quite a long process so take some time, journal and connect to all parts of yourself. Listen to your body, emotions and your soul. 

You may connect to your timeline on earth for the past present and future, as it is an opportunity to tap into your higher timeline. Weave a new strand of outcomes, vibrations and choices. Get yourself into that heart space and connect with the important aspects of your life that you want to weave into your higher timeline. Although we may not be able to go backwards to change things, but seeing any lessons that have a correlation to your internal healing rising, take some time to write down your feelings, what you have learnt from them? how can I navigate them better in the future? Questioning never stops so keep writing as much down to get those deeper answers and solutions!

Solutions is a big thing right now and so really getting to truths and grips with all the things that have been left open wounded or clouding over you, connect and understand, question, release, and find your solution (transformation). Doing this under the lionsgate portal has a sense of patience and rapidness. The codes & new webs weaving into the earth will feel very intense, high frequencies coming through. But our physical bodies need to remain grounded and calm. 

So whilst all this funky energy is happening, you may be experiencing a lot, we are writing based on our personal experiences, in hope you may find some resonance.

  • Emotional rising
  • Lethargic, feeling out of routine
  • Ungrounded, isolation and heavy
  • Bursts of excitement and high vibrations
  • Inconsistency, feeling lost
  • Rising of anxiety or depressive states
  • Body parts showing it self to you as a deeper issue
  • Vivid dream state, may also show strong messages
  • Disturbed sleep, or finding it hard to settle down
  • The veil is thin, so you may be seeing new facets of situations, people and yourself
  • Sweats
  • Shaking 
  • Feeling a little under the weather, headaches, dizziness

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Gallock Paul Christian
Gallock Paul Christian

Thank you for this, I am brand new to this type of meditation and so I don’t know what to expect but I’m trying still to comprehend it. It’s a wonderful journey and may God bless you for your efforts

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