Lionsgate Portal Download & Activation: 8/8

Lionsgate Portal Download & Activation: 8/8

The Lionsgate is the 8/8 portal, but it is in fact carried through from the main event of Sirius alignment, as a numerological alignment with the speciality of having this amazing alignment as one. When we connect with the Lionsgate under this potent energy, we are receiving codings also from the Lyra constellation, which is highly connected to astrology and the month of the Fire Leos.

They both hold separate energies but do have large roles to play in our interference with our mind, body & soul. This is a potent time of the year for such large cosmic and numerological portals to cross and take place. If you are feeling out of balance this may be why!

So Lionsgate peaks on 8/8, as the energy builds, there will be lots of areas within the self-space that needs to be closed down. A cycle has ended and so true death is potent at this time to see how far you have grown but also focus on the areas that you need to work on, one step closer to your highest timeline.

Lionsgate is a celebration and a time to feel the streams of cosmic energy blessing our mind, body, heart, soul & spirit. it is a dimensional experience to receive ancient and new codings to activate within our cells. In order to do so, some internal digging for residue must take place within whether some shadow work or reprogramming needs to be acknowledged and worked with to make space.

"The Golden Cosmic Egg"

The Golden Cosmic Egg Is a phenomenal experience that we envisioned via our connection last year under this potent streaming of Lionsgate light codes. The Golden Cosmic Egg has been recorded back thousands of years ago via various cultures, we had no idea about this beforehand! The cosmic egg is a symbol of rebirth and death. It is a process within the dimensional self, divine mother and father of creation. All forms of life experience cycles. It is very much connected to the womb space and the father sun. The cosmic egg is about the emergence of life. 

Portal Energies 

Portal energies can make you feel
🌀 Dizzy or Fatigue
🌀 Overwhelmed, Burst of energy
🌀 Facing a lot of challenges
🌀 Spirit Realm encounters (the veil thins)
🌀 Shifts in reality & mental state
🌀 What needs to be removed in your life or yourself to be shown.
🌀 New paths & Awakenings
🌀 Up & Down Spiritually, Emotionally , Physically
🌀Heightened spiritual abilities / connection
🌀 Divine frequency of Messages & Guidance
🌀 Feeling lows & highs with physical or emotional symptoms
🌀 Sudden events for breakthrough

Guided Meditation

Embark on a profound journey of inner exploration and growth with this guided meditation for the Lionsgate portal. This sacred cosmic event opens a portal of powerful energy and transformation, offering you the opportunity to release, connect, and activate. Align yourself with the transformative frequencies of the Lionsgate portal as you release what no longer serves you, open to divine guidance, and activate your light body for the journey ahead. Immerse yourself in the power and wisdom of these potent energies as you connect with your soul, step into the cosmic realm, and embrace the celestial light codes that will ignite your transformation and rebirth.

Trust in the process, knowing that you are supported and guided on this journey of self-discovery and growth. May the energetic upgrades and activations received during this meditation guide you in the coming cosmic new year, as you embrace the possibilities of your highest potential.

With love Chris & Talia x


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