Sirius Star Portal 3-7th July 2022

Sirius Star Portal 3-7th July 2022

The Download

The Sirius Stargate officially has aligned with our Father Sun, this gateway of energy occurs as the Sun comes into conjunction with the star Sirius. This portal opening allows us to receive the sirian light codes. Be open to receiving these codes but also surrender to the possible shifts and downloads that can come from this. All beautiful things birth in chaos! It is all apart of our souls Ascension. Bring your awareness within, deeper for some but also shine some of the light to all those who surround you. Be conscious of triggers and awaiting lessons to be learnt from everyone. Receiving light codes may be blissful but we must go through this process to become more awakened, our blocks hold us back. Make room in the physical and spiritual body so we can experience higher frequencies and explore new dimensions.

Not only is the sirian portal for humanity but it affects all of mother earth, her sacred lands, leylines, standing stones & circles. All plant & animal kingdom will be shifting amongst us. Land workers, keepers and guardians, this shift is also huge shifting for us and having a deeper connection to ourselves mother earth & the cosmos.

"Be at one with the heart, you'll be at heart with the universe" - The Central Sun


Pre Portal - Mid Portal

Light beings, it really has a been an intense one. Just days prior to the 3rd of this month, we both were experiencing some intense emotions that come across very erratic. Feeling very floaty and ungrounded, causing chaos in the physical dimension. Not to forget we was wondering why on earth we couldn't stop eating! Our bodies have required so much organic and natural foods from early to late at night making us very restless. Not realising how close this portal was we did not have time to prepare our body to have a smooth transition. We have had much difficulty sleeping and trying to settle our mind and body.

When we realised that the portal energy had begun, it was time for us to tune into ourselves. It has eased the process a little bit and we performed our Cacao ceremony late evening on 3.7-6.7-22. Before we did our portal work with the earth & crystals, we needed to embark on the journey for our personal healings and insights. 

Let's just say we definitely took a journey to Sirius and back. We came back with flu like symptoms, its just one of those things you cannot explain. But in spiritual terms they would be classed as Ascension Symptoms. So, we are experiencing this at the moment as our Sirian guides had worked on our energy system, upgrading our light body and we received new downloads, knowledge and coding. It has truly shaken things up for us which is a good thing, it has shown us stuff that needed to be addressed, taken care of or acknowledged to say the least.

Without the psychedelic we truly felt like we was on a Shroom trip! The visions, the body pinning and the entire experience was out of this world. We have never entered a dimensional space with this much intensity. 

The Earth Work

With the new knowledge and cosmic wisdom we connected with our sacred mother earth and her geometric gridlines to work on the new frequencies coming down, there is something really different about these light codes and vibrations coming through this time, we could see new depths of mother earth and the cosmos. 

Our Pachamamas frequency is changing quite drastically lately and with the help of our cosmic beings, keepers and earth workers and all the necessary planetry, star and cosmic alignments it helps her shift, recharge, ascend and support the human collective. {Alongside the plant & animal kingdom of course}. 

As much as all this work is so beautiful and high vibrational, we had noticed there was some intense darkness, which is normal as its the balance of the universe but it was a 'stomach drop feeling'. The one comment we can say online safely is to keep your vibrations high, keep putting love back into the earth, connect with mother earth just as much as you connect within and with the stars. 

The Stargate & The Crystals

Before we get started on the download that came through for the portal work, we connected to the Sirius Sun, to infuse these crystals with the light codes under this portal. We allowed them to soak up for 7 hours. We of course cleansed them all before hand with white sage and we worked with Mapacho during our ceremony.

All the cosmic work we have been doing has evolved, which is amazing! We are entering new frequencies and understanding with how to work dimensional. 

The energy is very powerful but rocky. Stuff comes up that we may not be ready to hear, but we must overcome the hurdle. The light codes coming down, are highlight the areas around the body and the etheric of issues that need to be addressed and worked upon with no filter. An unstable feeling that will trigger your dimensional state, perhaps a questionable experience of career, soul journey, relationships or family? It is all to shift you in to the space you now need to be in. Working with portal energy and the cosmic codes that come through are for those ready for the next shift.

The light codes were also working on the third eye, crown and higher chakras. For upgrades, downloads, and to receive guidance from the Sirians.

Ceremony: These crystals do not need cleansing or programming. We have done all the work. We did a long ceremony on this one to pour beautiful gold liquid light codes into each crystal via this portal. It was the most intense, high vibrational ceremony we have done for the portal work so far. The energies were very Egyptian, including the guidance that came through. Light language, sound vibration and working with sacred geometry, diamond gridlines, and so much came flooding in! It was very important for us to upgrade these crystals under this particular Stargate. Directly guided by the Sirian beings.

Work with your Sirius Stargate crystal during meditation, crystal grids, and shamanic journeying/trance. You will discover that this portal energy will give off different vibrations when working with different energies and ways to connect. Any shape or form of Pyramids, Diamond grids/altars, etc., will enhance the work if you have one to hand. If you require the energy upgrade, place it over your chakras or hold it in your left hand to receive the vibrations. 

Ascension Symptoms

We have wrote some symptoms based upon what we have experienced so far, remember we will all experience these light codes and portals differently, it has been an intense one. 

  • Fatigue 
  • Loss or gain of apatite 
  • Cold - flu like symptoms 
  • Ear clicking
  • Stomach bloating and toilet detoxing
  • Headaches, migraines and restless sleep
  • Low energy or high energy 
  • Feeling wobbly / ungrounded
  • Dream state has enhanced
  • Pains in areas that need releasing
  • Emotional triggers, erratic emotions and mood swings
  • Eyes and skin flares
  • Cold sores & ulcers 



thank you for sharing ~Light to Light ~ Heart to Heart ~ 🌿 ⁀⋱ 🕊🤍🕊 ⁀⋱ 🌿

Bernadette Grabowska-Kirk
Bernadette Grabowska-Kirk


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