Twin Flame Activation Portal 7.7.22

Twin Flame Activation Portal 7.722

We both send you all twin flame blessings!

Ok, this portal actually feels very opposite. The twin flame portals are not just for activated or awaiting twin flames to find each other. The vibration we put out and those working off the earth plane sends down these vibrations, codes and downloads for people to access, activate and acknowledge other parts of themselves. 

It's about you, your own masculine and feminine energy. There is a lot of unbalanced authenticity happening within. Accepting our vessels, our hearts and our souls. We may be regaining or reconnecting to our past life, mother earth and father sky connections. But are we doing enough self-awareness work? Are we entering our hearts and facing the deep pain we have experienced in the present. In this lifetime? Do you question may be why you haven't aligned with a missing part of yourself or found the love of your life.

For those twin flames that have united out there or are experiencing distortion. Firstly, are you listening to yourself and what you want? Are you listening to your flame, or is it just noise? Are they your flame, or is it a pleasure to have a title of this spiritual connection? 

Do you know when something is off tune, or when they are going inside of themselves? Honour them, no matter if they are masculine or feminine. We all carry both within us, and we must embrace each other to own both. There is no more war here. We must understand that we have chosen this vessel in this lifetime but have been in many forms in others. Focus on the now!

Another question is, are you dancing in tune with your twin flame? We were entering a ceremony yesterday, and we put a candle in front of us, it if in a tall glass votive. We could see TWO flames. We have seen this before, but this one threw us. The flame was moving and dancing. It split into two, and then it would move round in circular motion, then come back together as one again. We watched this for ages until we stood over it. It was just a reflection from the glass. So this represented the journey; although we twin flames are one soul split into two, we still have our own journey, and we can't be attached to that. But we must know how to navigate and work to create a learning space and understand one another. Stop allowing fear or irrelevant vibrations to distort your own because that split will burn out eventually and affect your journey together. We are triggers and reflections of one another. What you may dislike about the other person is also a part of yourself you may be in denial of. 

These are some hard truths to face, so we have decided to help by giving you some questions to meditate/journey on in your own time.

  • What is stopping you from finding self-love?
  • Why are you pushing this away?
  • What is your solution to help you move forward?
  • What parts of your other half do you dislike? Why does it irritate you so much? Remember that we as frequencies match, so what are you doing to trigger your significant other?
  • Do you spend enough time opening up with yourself? Do you do this with your significant other?
  • Do you give yourself enough nurture? Do you love yourself?
  • Do you understand what power you hold in the divine, masculine and feminine? 
  • How can you embrace your other half to bring out their own power of the divine masculine and feminine?
  • Bring awareness to the unbalanced and find the solution.

This one is difficult to absorb and accept, and we are still exiting the Sirian portal, which can be read in the link below. All these beautiful energies maybe come through, but they cant shift or do anything for us until we move hidden and shadowed parts out of the way. Otherwise, you are plastering and asking for a big explosion in time to come. So it may be a great idea to open up to your other half, meditate with them or give this time to yourself. If you feel like this is impossible, ask yourself the true question, why? What may I need to face here to shift my other half or my own path?

When we can grow as flames, it is because we have grown from our individual journeys. So when we have achieved something new, there is always a pull to come back together and be ready for our next lessons.

With love and blessings to your paths,

Chris & Talia x

Twin Flame Activation Portal 7.722
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