Super Buck Moon 13.7.22

Super Buck Moon 13.7.22 Energy Update

Super Buck Moon Energy

It is such a pleasure to connect with our sister moon every month, to feel the earth's vibrations and how the moon shifts us when these transitions and cycles happen. The moon's energy does feel very underestimated and is much more than just manifestation and cleansing crystals. Sister moon gives us opportunities every month to cleanse, recharge, clear, make room for new vibrations and rebirth our essence.

The Full Moon is rising! We are in for a treat as the Buck Moon, also known as Thunder Moon. But also a Super Moon! The full super moon will be at its peak at 7:38pm, UK time 13.7.22.

Grounding and humility are important as we have been through highs and lows from portals this month. We still have the Lionsgate portal creeping in. So we must take some time to acknowledge our emotional state and not become irrational in actions and projections. Sit within and listen to your emotional state and thoughts. Are you connecting with your heart or head space? It is a wonderful time to journal and fruition these truths into transformation. Why are you feeling this way? How will you go about shifting these emotions and situations you are facing? Truths can be hard; sometimes, just giving yourself that silence to feel, understand, and let go. Releasing is easier said than done. That's why this month's energy is about taking things slower. Stop rushing the manifestation as impatience can cause blocks. To reach the end goal, we bring our stuff to a deeper awareness rather than only focusing on the positive. Seeing every moment built up to the path you align with, there is always a positive within the negative aspects.

A fire ceremony this month is calling to release these deeper layers, let them go and transform them. Remember to write down your intention's past, present and future outcomes when working with fire. This month, much shredding through our body and energy system has been happening. Allow those to fully integrate and take place, don't push them away, as this is an amazing opportunity to shift some old vibrations. To do this, you may feel called to endure with the hobbies you love, being in nature or being in your truest form.

Own it, and always be true to yourself.

Super Buck Moon 13.7.22 Energy Update


  • Lemon Essential oil - When connecting to this essence it is a great time to think about the place and emotion you want to create, visualise it and say it as you surround your aura with this positive and uplifting scent.
  • Honeysuckle Essential Oil - Protect your energy as we are vulnerable whilst we are shredding, know when to retreat and when to be open.
  • Dried Orange - Sit through and love the bitterness we hold, it is important to embrace these things we brush away or we avoid. Allow this scent to hold you during meditation
  • Natural Citrine - Infused with the monthly cosmic light codes, but also represents the sunshine in the thunderstorm.

We will be holding our full moon ceremony and water collecting at our next stone circle {more info to come}. Pre order available 

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Super Buck Moon Water

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