Sturgeon Super Full Moon & Guided Meditation 1st August 2023

Sturgeon Super Full Moon & Guided Meditation 1st August 2023

Blessings under the Sturgeon Super, Full Moon! What a big moon energy we have in front of us this Early August and a Blue Moon on the 30th of August. 

It is our pleasure once again to connect with ancient grandmother moon, allowing us to receive collective and personal downloads to help you navigate these full moon energies.

Channelling from Grandmother Moon

" Use this time to encase yourself in all the areas of life that make your soul light up. The energy of fire is potent in this August month, and it is a great time to fully immerse yourself in this strong full moon alignment with the wisdom of fire. Take some time to celebrate, release and call in the heartfelt needs for your highest timeline. As we enter the Lionsgate energy this is a wonderful additional crossing of energy to enhance your intentions for the new galactic year.

Grandmother moon sculpted her shape into an entwined masculine and feminine yin-yang, metaphorically speaking about bringing balance and harmony within your own energy centres here, which will help bring clarity, understanding and manifestation to your external relationships. Grandmother moon says this month is a space of action, celebration and bringing love, joy and laughter into the consciousness".

There are a lot of streams of wisdom coming from many earth cycles right now, that are also teaching us about reflections within others, are we checking in on who we are surrounded by? What frequency is causing distortion or resonance? Is what I am surrounding myself around doing me any good?

Always checking in with yourself is key to awareness and soul expansion. Remember these questions of intention to grow are for you to look within not just externally.

Guided Meditation for Growth & Renewal:

Immerse yourself in the serene energy of the Full Sturgeon Moon with this guided meditation. Settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and embark on a journey of deep relaxation and inner connection. Follow the soothing narration as you breathe in the cool air, releasing tension and worries with each exhale. Envision a radiant, protective light enveloping your body, creating a sacred space for transformation. Experience the gentle waves and the luminous glow of the Sturgeon Moon above, synchronising your breath with its tranquil energy. Set intentions for personal growth and manifestation, infusing them with the moon's profound influence.

Embrace the transformative power of the Sturgeon Moon as it fills your being with peace, clarity, and wisdom. Carry this harmonious energy into your daily life, knowing that you can revisit this meditation to realign and nurture your intentions. Allow the Full Sturgeon Moon to guide you on your spiritual journey towards inner peace and transformation.


With love,
Chris & Talia x

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