The Soul Star Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

The Soul Star Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

The Soul Star chakra is the 9th chakra, the gateway to the spiritual realm and the divine. In today's blog, we shall be diving into everything about this chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra

Also known as the bridge chakra, Vyapini in Sanskrit, or universal heart. The Soul star is connected to our soul's past lives, higher self and incarnation process. When we use our Soul Star, we achieve a deeper connection to the dream & astral realms. The soul star chakra is also access for our psychic abilities such as mediumship, psychic work & shamanic healing as we enter a deeper state to connect and go beyond physical & known spiritual realms, especially the akashic records.

The Soul Star chakra resonates with the frequency 1074 Hz and is located an average of 3-12ft above the Crown & Bindu chakras 7th & 8th. The identification of the Soul Star chakra is frequently seen as white with golden light. This chakra is now outside the physical body as it is the gateway to the higher realms. When we reconnect with our Soul Star chakra, we are accessing our soul wisdom & will put you in touch with your truth leading to your soul's mission, the path that leads you there. 

The Soul star also said to know "All that there is" as it is a divine connection to all, known as the seat of the soul. It is, in fact, the seat of our subconscious mind. This is the spiritual oneness of knowing that there is no separation from the self and all life. This chakra is also connected with the enlightenment frequency and the soul Ascension.

  • Peacefulness
  • Rebirth
  • Purity
  • Death

The Soul Star Chakra

What are the signs of an unbalanced soul star chakra?

 An overactive crown chakra is highly connected to the Crown Chakra and the Third eye. the following signs would resonate with irrational behaviour, obsessive & addictive. This holds the blame mentality but also victimisation. When the crown is not aligned with the rest of the body, we can also create a split within ourselves due to the multi-dimensional fragmentation. This is usually labelled as further mental health disorders. The third eye creates headspace, and it is not in the correct flow when connecting spiritually to higher realms, beings & the self. 

An underactive Soul Star would create a sluggish or slow reality & within the mind body and soul. Lack faith, trust both spiritually and in yourself. We tend to start attaching physically (this takes us back down to the Root Chakra) and find it hard to let go. 

How to reconnect or access the Soul Star Chakra

  • Tuning Forks: With the frequency 1074 Hz will help activate and align this chakra.
  • Light coding: universal energies intentionally worked with for healing, clearing and upgrading
  • Meditation: Connecting with the higher self 
  • Our Ascension Crystals are excellent for accessing higher realms, dimensional vibrations, advanced spiritual work.
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