The Third Eye Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

The Third Eye Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

Known as the 6th major chakra, the seeing, intuition, insight & perspective. Today we will be diving into 6/7 main chakras. 

Chakras: The Third Eye

Where is our third eye chakra and what is it? 

Our third eye chakra is located between the brows, on our forehead. Generally speaking, the throat chakra is identified as the colour indigo; associated with universal consciousness, intuition, and the link between the soul, the earth and the spiritual world. The Sanskrit word "Ajna" means command or affirmations.

A connection to the unconscious mind. The diagram above displays a 2 petal lotus associated with wisdom. A downward-facing triangle means enlightenment and the Om symbol is located in the middle. The indigo lotus is connected to the blue lotus plant which is highly connected to the higher self & beyond the physical realms. The two petals have a deeper meaning:

  • Ida refers to the Chandra (yin) energies of the moon
  • Pingala refers to the Surya (yang) energies of the sun.


Chakras: The Third Eye


What is a balanced throat chakra and how do I know if my throat chakra is blocked?

Chakras: Third Eye

Having a blocked third eye chakra causes large changes in our daily lives. This blockage is a perception of our reality. When we are not in the right physical, emotional and mental state, we can be vulnerable to reality illusions and false stories and fall into the fantasy trip. This creates headspace, and it is not in the correct flow when connecting spiritually to higher realms, beings & the self. We put our physical preferences before truth. Being in our headspace disconnects us from that beautiful flow of the heart, so when we are in that beautiful creative space, we are guided, connected, and intuitive. We can be open to larger horizons of perspectives.

When we are spiritually disconnected this way, we can feel other emotional spirals of depression, holding a grudge and being stuck in the past. This causes us to become unaligned and blocks beautiful new paths & opportunities coming our way. The third eye is seeing; it's the creation of reality and manifesting your journey. So if you are not releasing, letting go and allowing yourself to loop the past over and over, you are unable to manifest and exit the mind trap.

Questions to think about:
Am I clear in my mind? Am I focused on the outcome? Is what I'm seeing showing me something higher than what I'm trying to suppress within my logical mind? What is keeping me from growing? 

Even when your third eye is open, if it is not utilised or understood correctly, we can send ourselves into an illusion trap or a fantasy. It is known that the higher chakras are beyond this physical dimension, and although we always look for something to resemble visions or guidance from this reality, it is trying to show us to detach from this when we are working higher. Not all has to make sense immediately, as this can cause disappointment and a negative perspective.

Symptoms shown in the physical:

Sometimes we cannot explain physical ailments and we need to check in with ourselves on a more 1-1 level. When we experience imbalances here are some of the physical realities that may occur:

  • Sciatica
  • Poor vision
  • Lack of clarity
  • Unable to connect to the self or divine
  • Rejection of other realities
  • Personal vision
  • Seizures
  • Migraines
  • Nightmares
  • Mundane reality
  • Memory
  • Daily functionality

How can I connect & rebalance this chakra?


  1. I trust my intuition, always.
  2. I open myself to new energy and experience.
  3. My inner self always has the answer.
  4. I am open to the wisdom within.
  5. I am connected to my true path and purpose.
  6. I trust that my highest good is unfolding
  7. I’m the “seer” of everything.
  8. I surrender control and allow the Universe’s loving presence to guide me.
  9. I release doubt and welcome faith.
  10. I have the power of imagination.
  11. My perception is clear and direct.
  12. I feel, I act, I sense, I see
  13. I trust that I am connected to the Universe.
  14. I am free to move in whichever direction I choose.
  15. My thoughts are not limiting, they are free.
  16. I surrender to the highest good for all.


Often the third eye awakening is mistaken for a psychic awakening. The third eye does have psychic aspects for you to connect with the divine and multi-dimensional beings 7 realms. However, our senses become heightened, we are conscious of energy & how the universe moves. We can recieve subtle energies that our physical eyes cannot and we tend to have a large reality shift within and externally. 

Your belief systems, education and reality usually come tumbling down, it can become a very lonely journey when others are not seeing the world the same way as you. We cannot enter a state of fear when this happens, the best thing we can do is surrender and attach to no expectations otherwise we end up fragmenting our energy with our physical which can cause numerous amount of mental health issues. Our lack of awareness prior to the third eye awakening flips into a new state of consciousness. We never know when this is going to happen to us and the best thing is to trust the process and let it unfold naturally. 


Liquids: distilled bottled water. No fluoride as this classifies the pituitary gland you want the melatonin in the pineal to be flowing through and from. Try to keep away from tap water. Working with the blue lotus plant is connected highly to the third eye chakra and can help facilitate spiritual journeys.

Food: Dark leafy greens such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Ceremonial Cacao, Sea Moss, Organic fruits & Vegetables. A Wholefood diet would be your pineal gland's best friend! It has such a large job to play within our system. Eliminating coffee, alcohol toxic drinks for the mind body & soul. Mushrooms are amazing whichever way you understand this on a medicinal or spiritual level. They hold a large amount of consciousness and healing that supports us in dimensional ways. 

source of Iodine helps toxic waste of metals. 

The third eye responds to the frequency. 963hz. Chant Om to activate and connect with the third eye.
- Sound baths & third eye activation music. 
- Affirmations, thoughts & deprogramming: Elevate your frequency. 

- Sun gazing: Whatever we are told not to do.. is usually quite the opposite. The sun is our vibration of light, life force & source. (obviously, don't do this for too long, everything in moderation.)
- Activation meditation: Guided journeys to open the third eye chakra
- Notice: Ensure your other chakras are open before going straight in for the third eye. It can cause effects on your energy system & kundalini if not done patiently & thoroughly. 
- Crystals: As crystals are dimensional vibrations you may feel connected to placing crystals over your third eye chakra, working on it energetically. 
- Reality: Opening the third eye is not for psychic awakening, its more of a spiritual awakening for you to see the false veils that fall in front of us which means feeling, seeing and knowing higher than we ever have done.
- Balance: Balance your awakening experience, it is great to sponge knowledge, and experiences & digging in the rabbit hole, but make sure you are not being pulled down into a frequency of fear or the toxic side of the woke community. 

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