The Thymus Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

The Thymus Chakra - Meaning, Uses & How to work with it

The Thymus chakra is not known as well as many others. In fact, it is also referred to as the higher heart chakra. Located between the heart and the throat chakra.

What is the functionality of the Thymus and what is it?

This chakra is a subtle but highly important chakra as it's known as "the seat of the soul" when we activate this chakra we are detaching from the ego, being in the space of freedom, spiritual connection, compassion & forgiveness. Action and intention are what the functionality of the thymus provides as it is in between the throat and the heart where we feel, express & project; Thymus chakra allows you to vocally express the emotions (positive or negative) generated in the spiritual heart centre. The thymus is also an endocrine gland it is an important part of the lymphatic system and highly connected to the immune system. 

The thymus chakra is also a physical aspect of our body. it is connected to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design for this lifetime, including past life information as well as this, is the spiritual self it is one of the first glands that is developed within the womb. Purely because this is the spiritual heart, the self and the connection to the spiritual world, the soul etc. The thymus gland plays a vital role in the production of T-cells, which are some of your body’s best warriors in the fight against intrusion such as bacteria & viruses.

How do I know if this chakra is over or under-stimulated?

This chakra is important to highlight over and under stimulation as it is the centre and most proactive in our daily lives. Here are some common signs you may be experiencing to help you understand more:


  • False realities, easily pulled into illusions and experiencing others' dreams
  • Over-compassionate can cause the self upset 
  • People pleaser & over giving 
  • Anxiety, Nervousness
  • Fear of loss
  • Difficulty with self-forgiveness and others
  • Stubborn and rigid mindset/behaviours


  • Lack of expressing emotions
  • Heart pains
  • Overprotected
  • Illusional reality of the self
  • Lack of compassion and acceptance
  • Self attack
  • Unauthentic truth 
  • Isolation 
  • Weak boundaries
  • Immune issues, sickness

If you are undergoing a lot of stress or heavy negativity this will have a major impact on your health. Causing tiredness, sickness, lethargy and feeling like a large weight is squashing your energy. 

On the other hand, here are some wonderful aspects of the expectations of a balanced thymus chakra.


  • Feeling unified with yourself, others and the universe
  • High levels of intuition and feeling on the path 
  • Connection to the spirit world is strong
  • Feeling empowered in a balanced and humble way 
  • No attachments or pulled energy into the 4D realm
  • Unconditional love is within your reality of all existence
  • Ego is at a healthy limitation. Enough for you to still grow and expand.
  • World acceptance, content with your journey on earth 
  • Inner peace and openness to perspective. 
  • Boundaries in place without lack
  • Strong manifestation of higher purpose & bridging this frequency through to your timeline

How can I connect & work with them to bring the thymus chakra in balance?

Deep breathing exercises: So breath work will help release energy and work with the chest muscles. 
Journal & Expression: Work on your expression and being conscious of your thoughts and actions, more time to reflect. 
Meditation: Stillness & releasing negative energy helps bring the emotions into balance promoting a clear mind and connection closer to the heart.
Nature & time alone: Sometimes we need to take a step back and give ourselves love & connection, this allows us to integrate and process out stuff without any external opinions.
Crystals: Wearing crystals between the heart and throat that connect you to self-expression, and connection by working with these 3 areas will allow you to work on this on a multi dimensional way. 
Air & Water: Thymus is connected to both of these elements which can be called in to work with your energy system. 
Colour therapy: Just as simple as changing your environmental colours. Blue, Turquoise, Green tones are healing energy colours that work with the thymus area (earthy and water elemental colours). 
Sound frequency: The thymus has a large response to sound frequency healing.

The thymus is actually an important chakra & gland and it most definitely requires consistent attention, balance and love. At the end of the day its our centre, connection & bridge to navigate the earth, ourselves and the divine. 

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