How to cleanse your energy and why you should practise

How to cleanse your energy and why you should practise

We love energy cleansing! Something we feel passionate about sharing our wisdom and practises with our readers. Let us talk through the whys, hows, whens & whats! 


What does cleansing my energy mean?

Cleansing your energy is usually required when you feel heavy or low and need uplifting. However, it is not just about your aura cleansing; it is your entire mind, body and spirit, which we will discuss in this blog today. 

When we cleanse, we always feel happier & brighter, and this comes down to simply having a nice hot bath or a refreshing shower, that feeling you get when you step out and feel clean-sed! So physically, when we get clean and put fresh clothes on, we can go to bed or start our day feeling happy. This is because water is the element of purification and cleansing. It is pure and washes away old skin cells, dirt, and the sweat we carry; you name it! When we cleanse our body of bad & harmful foods, beverages & sugars, this is always a way of cleansing to feel happier in our physical body, but it's also for our well-being and spiritual connection.

So, when we think of this on an emotional level, we use the shower to reflect on our day or things that have lowered our frequency. As we process this, we are letting go by stepping out of the shower with this energy shrugged off our shoulders; if you have ever watched birds enter a conflict, once they have finished, they shrug off the energy and carry on like normal because they are sentient beings like us but know how to use their mind body and spirit to detach from density allowing them to return to their natural frequency. This is why there are so many techniques and ways to cleanse energy; there is no wrong or right way; it is whatever feels good to you!

When we look at cleansing on a spiritual level, we have dimensional bodies. Most of us are conscious about cleansing our energetic field, known as the aura field. We also have a Torus field, hundreds of chakras, meridians, light body & souls that need to be considered. When we spiritually cleanse, we can use our inner energy to push out frequencies or external tools to help us, which we will discuss later. By cleansing our energy fields, we are raising frequency on a dimensional level and releasing any energies that may have been sent to you via the evil eye, jealousy, seeds of death but also any spiritual attacks as, unfortunately, not everyone in the world is of service to the light. Sometimes, if we have been through a heavy healing session or projected things, we need to call that energy back and cleanse it by transmutation.


Why do I need cleansing? 

We have both tested this, where we have gone for several days without working on the mind, body and spirit cleansing to see where and how we would react. It is not a nice place; you end up carrying a lot of old energy, and things resurface because you are stuck in old energy. The longer it is left, things manifest into reality. Your mindset can easily fall into a negative state, and what we project can be quite a negative/headspace mentality. This has a mental impact on our psychological, and it allows us to reach a low vibration. Your mind feels cloudy & blocked then, leaving you in a 'can't be bothered' emotion. This is why the mind, body and spirit should be worked on as one. Whatever happens spiritually eventually manifests into our physical and emotional plane. 

After this, the moment we did our cleansing ritual, shower & emotional check-in, we instantly fell back into our frequency of love. We, humans, are not dense beings; we live in cross realities where multiple experiences of light & dark cross us for teachings, lessons & discovery. We have been programmed into fear, stress, anxiety and many other causes of this vibration. But if we were to talk all of this away, most of the time, we would be vibrating in the heart space. 

Let's put it like this when we do things with the intention of a positive outcome, we are doing all in our power to feel much better than what we were experiencing beforehand. 


When should I cleanse?

There is no manual for this. Remember, everyone is vibrating at different frequencies, so it is up to you when you want or feel the urge to cleanse. The best thing to do is go with your intuition and ask yourself some simple questions to bring self-awareness:

  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • Where is this rooting from?
  • Is it time to shift my energy now?

But do consider regular rituals purely to stop energies from leaking in or building up, as we are such sensitive beings, especially when we become tuned into ourselves and the awareness of our surroundings. Our aura field naturally pushes out in a 360-degree diameter by 6ft. So imagine what your energy is picking up when you are sitting on a tube or living above others in an apartment. Remember that nothing belongs to us, and nothing is your responsibility to take on. 


How do I cleanse my energy?

There are many techniques and rituals to follow for energy cleansing; we will break down three categories for you to explore & feel into as we all may have come to this blog for different requirements. 


Physical Cleansing

  • Element of Water: As we mentioned in the blog, cleansing our body, hair, face, hands, and feet can bring a refreshing element to our state. However, this impacts our mental state, so ending or starting your day with a daily cleanse is important. Even if you have some time to step into nature and if it is safe, take a dip in the ocean or stream of water. Any salt absorption, so doing a bath scrub or sand from the ocean is amazing for our skin, but salt also absorbs negative energy and is an amazing way to feel and look good!
  • Exercise: We found it another form of cleansing because it releases toxins from our bodies. We have thousands of chemicals and toxic materials that touch our skin each day, and when we sweat it out of our pores, it is a good way to release (do follow up with a shower after, of course!) 
  • Detox and changing diet: This is so important. The vibrancy of mother earth's resources nourishes us inside and out, so when we cleanse ourselves from GMOS, low vibrational foods into foods that hold enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals we can see large shifts after the 30 days our body sheds.
  • Shake it off, Dance, Jump around: Although this may sound a little silly, remember we touched on the birds who flutter their feathers to shake negative energy? By increasing our heart rate a little bit, we are releasing dopamine, which is a great way to have a quick shift.
  • Another silly but highly effective: Do something completely outrageous and laughable! If the space is getting a bit heavy, we have learnt to make a joke or do something silly to break up the density. Not only does this shift your energy, but the others who may be bringing this energy in.
  • Smile or watch things to make you laugh: This is true. If we spend long enough smiling and laughing, we are instantly causing a shift in activities for the day.  
  • Father sun: not only does the sun provide a life force to animals, crystals, and plants, but it also makes us humans feel just as nourished, motivated and inspired. The warmth and sun codes cleanse and recharge us. Our body depends on this light. 
  • Drink plenty of distilled water: Clean water, fluoride-free and a minimum of 2L a day flush out toxins, sugars and toxic things that cause our body to become sluggish or low. 


Emotional Cleansing

  • Transmute it higher!: It is a form of cleansing but can take some time, as it is reprogramming. Being conscious of our thoughts allows us to be aware of our words. Use words like magic. Whatever we are projecting is eventually going to be manifested into our reality. As soon as something negative has crept into the thought process, transmute it with positivity, for example.

Negative: Today is not a good day. I have had enough. Positive: To I am having an amazing day; today is full of abundance. So not only are we shifting our mindset, but we are shifting our reality.

  • Release emotions: Don't ever be afraid of this. If we hold things in, we are pushing them down into our system, which will cause dis-ease later down the line. By releasing energy, we are clearing out our system of any density, which is a cleansing shift in our emotional state.
  • Grounding: is not just a spiritual cleanse but also suitable for our physical & emotional state. When we connect with the earth's electrons, many positive effects can happen from this. You are more than welcome to check out our grounding blog to find out more about this: Grounding Blog
  • Meditation: You can use meditation to cleanse your energy; there are many fantastic meditation videos on Youtube to be guided into a visual journey to cleanse your mind of negativity. 


Spiritual Cleansing 

  • Water: is also spiritual cleansing and can be used in spray bottles, working with the elements. When you connect with this element, ensure to call the spirit of water in with the intention of cleansing & purification. 
  • Sound Frequency: The universe is created by the same concept of however you wish to understand it: energy, matter, atoms or frequency. Mother Earth has her resonance, and so does the universe. Which means we do, and so does all that lives amongst us. Sound healing with instruments, voice and listening to vibrations higher than 432hz can cause notable shifts in our mind, body and spirit where we can improve mental and physical dis-ease. Still, the most amazing visual experience is when we meditate and journey. We can cleanse our spirit this way.
  • Smudging: Using plants, resins & smudge tools to cleanse our energy, each plant has multiple attributes to help us shift frequency. When we call in the plant spirits, directions & elements to contribute to a cleansing ritual, we are summoning higher beings to help us cleanse all forms of negativity. When the element of fire is called upon from the smoke, this is what we cleanse and purify with, as well as water & salt. This is why many shamans & cultures worldwide use shells, salt, plants & a crafted smudging feather. Blowing the plants' smoke is the fundamental part.
  • Grounding: Earth is very cleansing for us, so when we connect our roots to mother earth, we receive a higher frequency through our earth's star chakra through our system, allowing us to remove and shift heavy energy. 
  • Sprays: Frequency or Cleansing sprays are an amazing mist to spray over our bodies. Whether they have been infused with plants, safe crystals or essential oils, this is another form of smudging, but using our senses with this and the intention placed in water will allow us to shift energy. When we say a positive prayer or repeated mantra over water, we change the direction of the vibration.
  • Crystals: Some crystals have natural vibrations to cleanse energy, although we don't recommend crystal properties. Using crystal quartz, wands, and psychic surgery tools, you can clear your vibrational field. 
  • Internal light: If you don't have access to external tools or wish to use your vessel. Then projecting light and water energy out from your centre, covering your entire energetic field, and pushing out these dense energies is another way of cleansing the spirit and aura. 
  • Meditation: Journeys of walking through waterfalls, fountains, or the ocean can be another great way to cleanse your energy, meditation enters us in a dimensional state of spiritual, emotional and physical awareness, and so when we can use our senses in meditation, we are causing a dimensional cleansing effect. 
  • Chakra cleansing: This can be tricky, but if you understand how your own chakras function, you can work on them one at a time, ensuring you are providing the right tools, affirmations & knowledge to help cleanse them out of stagnancy.

Cleansing is dimensional. So, when we practise one way of cleansing, ideally, it will affect the entire mind, body and spirit, and so whichever method you choose, you are creating that space of cleansing the way it works for you. Always trust your intuition when it comes to practice; you may find your own adjustments along the way. 

Stay cleansed & blessed!

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