We are spiritual beings having a human experience

We are spiritual beings having a human experience

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. So we are immortal and eternal beings on a never-ending journey. Below we go through many important topics explaining the Human body to navigate the earth plane. Understanding The spirit realms, astral body, near death experiences & life between life as well as how our soul family, teachers & guides who assists us on earth. 

The Human Avatar 

When you dream at night, you are no longer aware of your physical body. But you are still conscious in the dreamscape. While there may be a fluid nature to the experience, it is actually ‘you’ who is experiencing something. So who are ‘you’ exactly? The real you is your consciousness or spirit. It is the eternal I am. During sleep, we do not remember our bodies or surroundings but are still aware of being. We are spiritual beings using a physical body to experience the lower-frequency physical world.

We are spiritual beings having a “human experience”. Spirituality is reality, and everything physical or energetic is a part of that reality. We experience life as a human so that we can learn and grow and evolve spiritually. Life on earth is about learning lessons. It is about using our talents to make the world better in some way. It is about loving yourself and others. Just like a scuba diver or astronaut needs a special suit to survive underwater or in space, the same way the soul takes on a human body to survive and navigate this physical world. 


The Spirit Realms & Frequency

So where do we come from when we are born, and where do we go when we die? First, do we even understand these things? If you ask somebody a simple question, “What is the opposite of death?”, Most people answer: “Life,” but it is the wrong answer, and you will see why. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal and therefore has no opposite. Birth and death are simply entry and exit points. They are doors that open from the spiritual world into the physical world and back again. Neither did your existence begin at birth, nor would it end at death. These two things are simply transitions from one world to another, from one frequency to another.

Imagine watching Netflix, getting bored, and changing the channel to Amazon Prime. Now you are watching a different show. But just because you switched from Netflix to Prime does not mean that Netflix has stopped broadcasting. It is still flowing in the background. But now your device is tuned into another frequency. So it is with physical life and non-physical life. The place we have come from and where we go has been described in many spiritual texts and accounts as a place ultimately made of light, energy and thoughts.


       spiritual being having a physical experience

The Astral Body

Our souls exist in a more subtle form called the astral body, and even higher levels are called the casual body. These frequencies range from realms of existence much like our earth but with more subtle energies to higher dimensions full of light and love and much more beautiful than earth without any negativity, disease, parasites, wars and so on. It is a place where there is much learning and evaluation of lessons learned on earth. Some may call the higher levels ‘heaven’.

Near Death Experiences & Life Between Life

In the early 1970s, Dr Raymond Moody changed the world forever with his book Life after Life, which brought the near-death experience or NDE into popular culture. Years later, Dr Michael Newton came out with Journey of Souls, which brought life-between-life (LBL) sessions into popular culture.

The NDE is an experience where someone is declared clinically dead for a few minutes (mostly following a heart attack or accident) and reported floating out of their body and entering into a bright light which leads them into an energetic tunnel or vortex. At the end of the tunnel, they met their loved ones who had passed on before them. 

They also met a council of elders and saw a life review in which significant moments and memories were displayed from the incarnation that had just ended. They would see and feel how they made others feel through their conduct. Then they were asked if they wanted to come back. Sometimes they did not want to come back but were told they had to. In every case, they reported that they felt love and were back home. Then they returned to their earthly bodies. These near-death experiences are all scientifically recorded and acknowledged since most occur in hospitals.

Life Between Life sessions, on the other hand, are hypnotic regressions that take the subject to the time between incarnations. In each case, the subject describes that the souls live in soul groups and soul families and that spirit guides are assigned to people. The spirit world is a very organised place and not random. Time and space do not exist there, and it is a very fluid place where transportation and communication both happen telepathically. We also meet our loved ones who have passed on from earth, including loved ones from all our previous incarnations. There is a constant feeling of being loved, and this love seems to exist everywhere in the spirit world. We meet souls with us through many incarnations, and some souls are with us, mostly in the spiritual realms but may not necessarily incarnate with us on earth. 

Another aspect of the spiritual world is reportedly a constant divine light and music that plays. Plus, there are no restrictions on the senses, and everything is alive. Also, everything is highly enhanced — the sounds and colours are much more vivid than on earth, and some colours do not even exist on earth. Also, people have described that the spirit world is much more real than physical life. Just like conscious life seems more real than a dream, the same way, life in the spirit world seems more real than life on earth.


Soul Family, Teachers & Guides

It is clear that we are all souls and that there are many levels of existence with various forms of spiritual beings of different development levels. Some are teachers, guides and soul family members helping us in our infinite and eternal spiritual journey. There is no end to the realms of consciousness and evolution. Even the great ones who have come to earth are still evolving on their journeys. It is an endless experience designed by God to explore and learn.

Everyone has lost a loved one. So it is natural to mourn and miss those we have lost. But remember that we never lose anyone because they still exist in another realm of existence. That realm is our true home, where we all came from and where we will return someday. There we will be reunited with our loved ones. Until then, keep living life to the fullest, take each new day as a new opportunity, celebrate every moment and remember that we are on earth for a reason. So there should be no worry or no hurry to leave. Instead, enjoy your physical experience as a spiritual being—many Blessings.

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