What is a spiritual awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a beautiful gift once we understand what it is. However, we don't logically get to choose when this happens to us. A lot of judgement is placed upon the word "spiritual", and it does not mean you will see a spirit or have contact with an ET being. An awakening happens within ourselves. 

What does the word spiritual mean?

It is often considered religious, but that is not entirely true. You can still be spiritual and follow a belief, meaning you could be conducting spells, rituals, ceremonies, prayer, or church service. However, You can be on a spiritual journey without all of this. In other words, you find your truth & consciousness of life is more of an internal search than external seeking, i.e. faith in a higher power, the divine or god. But it is also recognising the I and higher self and discovering you, the world much deeper, knowing that everything has consciousness and is alive and part of a sacred creation. In other words, human spirituality comprises three aspects: relationships, values, and life purpose.

What is a spiritual awakening

What is a spiritual awakening? 

A spiritual awakening is highly attached to the ego, it begins to break down. It involves opening the heart centre and letting go of an old state of consciousness, and reality. This is also us detaching from the headspace (3D). So it's a process more closely associated with one's psychology, the emotional body, and the soul.

What happens when you start to Spiritual awaken:
As we are beginning to awaken our higher self and detach from the matrix we may experience some unusual sensations or experiences. Here are some to label.

We never know when a spiritual awakening starts to take place but there are things we can begin to notice within ourselves.

  1. Feeling disconnected and detached from your life, socialising with family and friends who you begin to feel differences with. 
  2. There may be a crossroad for a change of path and your heart is more important than chasing materialism. 
  3. You seek more out of life. 
  4. Questioning a lot of things in the matrix
  5. Making new lifestyle decisions, perhaps considering your health and wellness. Especially if you have fallen sick or life-changing risks.
  6. Empathic, sensitive of others and feeling like you have the ability to scan their intentions and energy. 
  7. A gravitation to nature and spending more quality time with yourself.
  8. Your perspective has changed or you feel differently towards things. 
  9. Slowing down to process your past, feelings and being responsible for yourself. 
  10. Ancestral healing needed so you can be the end of the cycle. 
  11. Seeking inner peace, freedom, and understanding.
  12. Change is ethics
  13. Knowing there is no difference between you & I. Equality.

Not only experiencing one or more of these key aspects, but it can be lonely as it is not easy at the beginning trying to express yourself to others who may not be on this journey. This brings loneliness to the journey. But usually, when you are awakened to this journey, your soul is usually ready to shine and discover more. A lot of emotions can arise when this awakening happens.

Many turn away after some time because the ego & shadow starts to creep in; an awakening is shattering multiple realities, labels, and attachments, identifying yourself as something higher, and even the depths of trauma can be too much for people to handle. This is why an awakening cannot be rushed and allow things to come when they do.

A lot of spiritual awakening also teaches us how much we have been lied to and how we have been trapped inside a selfish, evil system. So, this should be delved into carefully and gently, as it can completely cause shutdown or doubt. Remember to always feel and research for your truth. Never trust one source of information. When we understand the matrix keeps us in a low vibration, an ego state of feeling empowered by materialism for the wrong reasons, entering a spiritual journey can be very crushing if this is our condition.

What are the signs of a false awakening:

This is very important as there are large red flags to keep an eye out for so you don't fall into the trap of thinking you are on this spiritual awakening journey.

    1. Conflict & looking down on others 
      This happens a lot, whether you fight over truth, wisdom knowledge or hierarchy. If someone hasn't "awakened" yet this is not for you to belittle or judge anyone, we are all assigned to our earth missions at the correct time. 
    2. Believing your better than others
      Unfortunately this happens where "spiritual people" think they are some kind of priestess/god, guru or leader. This is a sign of the ego trap as we are all equal beings. 
    3. Labels
      This is dangerous, as soon as we label ourselves with spiritual titles we are inflating our ego and placing ourselves in the "special" box of illusions. If you begin to label others such as good or bad you are judging & separating yourself from others. 
    4. Sees only the love, light & the positivity
      This is a toxic positivity trait, we all have good & bad days and it raises concerns when people are too nice and bypasses anything "negative, heavy or evil". The spiritual journey is seeing the Yin & Yang in all without judgement. Ensure to embrace both sides. 
    5. Supressing experiences, past traumas & emotions
      This is a large and unfortunate issue with the spiritual journey is that we are making ourselves better humans & we are becoming more conscious which means we do have to accept our past and heal from this so we become lighter, more free and tuned into our wisdom from all experiences whether spiritual, emotional or physical. 
    6. Veganism, Activists, Feminists, Sexism, Racism 
      Again this comes into being attached or labelled as something, we see all as loving beings and we are detached by physical identity. As soon as we fall into expectations of ourselves or others we are being judged or judgemental. You don't have to become an activist or stop eating the foods you like to become more "spiritual". This is your journey and all will be discovered at the right time. Express with love not out of conflict. 
    7. Cultural & Religious appropriation
      This is something that bothers us, people recycle Chinese whispers over the internet on what people should be doing "correctly" and practising. There needs to be more respect for each other and if you cannot do this then it's best to become conscious of your own judgement first. Seek the answers directly but also don't presume without knowing facts.

To overcome any of these traits shadow work is highly recommended as it shows you many perspectives of yourself, it's not a place to make you feel victimised it's to understand the roots, and programs but also an opportunity for growth. This is exactly why people fall off this type of spiritual path known as plastering and often try to compensate this all with a "psychic" awakening. 

What happens when our ego becomes crushed?

It depends on your intention. If you have been deflated from a hierarchy perspective, then you can fall into the trap of depression, anxiety, anger and sadness because your illusion has been shattered by truth. Avoiding the truth is a state of ego as we are in disbelief and not open to the perspective of what may help us escape the ego and illusion trap.

This is why complement our spiritual journey by finding our tribe who promote a safe community place or try to experience being held in space by a practitioner or an organised ceremonial space. This can help us on this journey of healing. We cannot separate spirituality from psychology because it maintains our spiritual essence and emotional well-being. They go hand in hand.

An ego can never become fully crushed, and this is also an illusion trap of "ego death" this puts you in more ego to think you do not have any. Existence is a form of ego; we can't learn without ego. It would be quite a boring journey of insanity.

Mistakes are lessons and become our blessings in the future, experiences are where our wisdom lies, and as long as we are not penalising or feeling blamed for these mistakes, we can transform them into higher intentions such as being supportive or guidance to another soul who is struggling, or to never repeat the lesson. If we do, we can handle it from a new fresh perspective.


Ride the waves

Enjoy the journey! We need not take things too seriously because this is an endless journey of evolution so as the emotions or scenarios arise, ride it out, delve into it and know that you are happy with the new outcome. There is no ending or beginning, and we constantly cycle of birth and rebirth, whether you mean physically or spiritually. Our perspectives change, and our hearts and consciousness open to new levels which do not contradict the past.

Remember to keep evolving, let go, be in your heart and love unconditionally. Set your boundaries and enjoy the beautiful earth journey. It is a short trip.

Love & blessings

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