The Rocking Stone Circle Vlog

The Rocking Stone Circle Vlog

Welcome to our first video log! We are finally recording our stone circle working & what they bring us every month. The activations and healing journey have been phenomenal for us and we want to bring this to the world. This first VLOG is a teaser, teaching & sharing what we do when we dedicate our time to travelling around the UK to ancient sites, megaliths, stone circles & working with the earth's leylines. 

The Rocking Stone Circle or known as Gorsedd Stones is based in South Wales, Pontypridd. When we are visiting these sites, we try to not look for any written history & the physical aspect of the structures. More so connecting with the land, allowing the spirits to tell us their stories. Performing clearance & connecting with all spirits that live amongst the grid. Ancestors & past ones assist us and we often clear them if they are required to leave. 

We always connect with each stone and give any frequency healings, and energetic repairs to the grid & leylines where is needed. We never know what energy or portals we may come across which always makes our journeys mysterious & magical. 

Below is our first video log, we hope you enjoy & please subscribe to our channel to help us raise this community & spread the love and reconnect for our mother earth.

Thank you & love,

Chris & Talia

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