The Roll-Right Stones Vlog

The Roll-Right Stones Vlog

We kicked of 2023 at the Roll-Right Stones in Oxfordshire UK. A Magnificent Ancient site, a bronze age Stone circle with more than 60 stones! 

We drove up to this stone circle under the first New Moon of 2023. 

In collaboration with Ancient Expansion (our stone circle and community channel on youtube with Suzie), we gave this time to reflect, rewrite and create our timeline for this year together and for our business Ascension Activation.
This beautiful stone circle in Oxfordshire was such a wonderful place to do our earth keeping.  The King's Men stone circle, King Stone, and the Whispering Knights, known as the Roll-right stones, consist of three sacred sites, one being across the road and two being in wonderful walking distance. We had a wonderful surprise walking through the labyrinth 
It was so so cold!! But so worth the adventure. These places pull in such magic to our lives; it allows us to be of service to ourselves with limitless growth but, at the same time, ripple these new levels of consciousness and vibrations into the leylines. We have to feel, experience and understand the presence of collective vibration to work with it.
Roll Right Stone Circle Labryinth
Land & cosmic teachings out in pure nature are the most connected ways we find works for us.
We hope you all had an amazing new moon, calling in and letting go to make beautiful space!
With love always
Chris & Talia x
Video Below:


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