About Us

Welcome to our journey. Ascension Activation by Talia & Chris brings the community together in the vibration of love and higher consciousness. We began our journey together six years ago, when we crossed paths, turning our lives into chaos, but what was once chaos is now magic and beauty.

We began our earth journey conscious of our spiritual connection from a young age, multiple spiritual challenges fighting sinister beings birthed into chaotic lives and hard lessons. Around this is the ability to astral and remote travel within and around the universe. From a young age, it was natural to us both and conscious of vibration and energy from as little as five years old.

We reconnected six years ago, and the magnetic pull to one another was unstoppable. Through much darkness and chaos, we came together and birthed The Mystic Wolf under the Wolf Full Moon. We began by offering oracle readings, reiki healing and travelling around the UK to offer our crystals and energy work. From there on, we grew super fast, but, at the same time, we were thrown with so many teachings and lessons to learn. We were experiencing two timelines in the physical and spiritual dimensions. At this point, we crossed an unusual path. We were either remaining in this energy or growing and pushing ourselves further.

We both discovered the Shamanic Vibration, which has changed our energies, paths, and spiritual work. We found ourselves and each other. There is a lot of fear around Shamanics, but let us tell you this. We wouldn't be doing our work without it, activating our essence and finding our true authentic selves.

About Ascension Activation

We fear entering any darkness, mostly our own. But when we work with it, we can transmute this energy into something beautiful with understanding, and once we conquer this essence, we can transmute anything in the heart space. During this time, we decided to Rebrand to Enter The Stargate, the beauty of this was when we had our graduation ceremony, our names entwined together Talia; as Midnight Star and Chris as Stargate. So this is how we created our business name, from spirit. But that was just the beginning. Energetically, there was a vibration with The Mystic Wolf clashing with us because we had grown out of this energy, we hold so much love and respect for all our previous work as we wouldn't have got here without everything, but it was time to enter a new frequency. So we had Enter The Stargate for one year, where we delved deeper into the cosmic worlds of bringing through light activations and our channelled energy services such as Ascension Crystals, Grids, Meditations & Light codes. We loved this journey, but there were still energetic ties with the old energies, and as time passed, we began to be pulled into a new direction.

So every month, we work with Stone circles & Sacred Sites and travel around the UK to connect with the sacred lands and stone spirits and work with another twin flame pair that we love dearly! We have had many new teachings, a deeper dimensional understanding of the earth, the ascension process and accessing our inner Stargates. Extreme chaos came through over the Lionsgate of August 2022. We had extreme purging and energetic upgrades, and chaos began to get crazy for us. We could only understand what was happening at the beginning once we crossed a Full moon with a Portal date in September.

We felt an uncomfortable, heavy, and dark energy, so we thought... The universe was trying to tell us it is time to change, move forward and leave the past behind. Our guides had been telling us for some time, but we were getting caught up with the 3D life! So the upcoming Portal 9 was happening in mid-October 2022. We had joined together with our beautiful twin flame friends as we do every month to do our earthwork. We opened a plant ceremony at a sacred site we were working on. So much truth unravelled, grieving, releasing and being truly authentic to how we felt inside and letting go of the pain and old vibrations hurting us and distorting our path. We finally allowed room for what the universe truly has in store for us. Simply by letting go and surrendering.

Here arrives Ascension Activation by Chris & Talia. We provide Ethically Sourced Ascension Crystals, channelled in ceremony with spirit and sourcing sacred cultivated plants. Our new path of Vlogs, Education, and inviting you into our journey. Come and explore the world and an invitation to some raw essence of healing on our twin flame journey. We will offer many services that can be discovered on our website.

For now, welcome. Thank you for reading, and we love you.

Chris & Talia x

Ascension Activation by Chris & Talia