Yerba Santa Smudge Stick

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  • Smudge size: 4"
  • Origin: USA
  • Yerba Santa is not endangered we purchase this item from landowners in Colorado. They tend, harvest and dry herbs with love, care and traditions
  • Our holistic range has been repackaged by our team with brown paper bags and information stickers. There is a brown paper outer layer made from 50% recycled content, keeping your incense fresh and long lasting.
Plant Information

Yerba Santa is a wonderful burning herb, a popular alternative to sage as it has strong cleansing energies. Yerba Santa is definitely much more earthy energy but has excellent assistance with bringing spiritual power. Meditate with Yerba Santa to release negative energy and transmute into purified loving vibrations.

Yerba Santa is very sacred and holy. Makes a wonderful energy to work with for spiritual development and strength. You can use Yerba Santa for sacred ceremonies to honor fallen ancestors and loved ones.


Our loose herbs, resins and smudge sticks are from reliable sources who respect natural and harvest from rightfully owned lands and farms (fair trade if purchased on other land). With the exchange of supporting local communities, indigenous tribes to trade and earn a living. None of our holistic products have been sourced in the wild or harvested in any dangerous ways that will affect habitats and general environmental impact.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Tom G
      Great service

      Service was good, speedy and efficient. Products were great too and a really decent price. Bought as a present so yet to be used but they look great :)

      5 stars products and customer support

      I liked it, is completely different from the white sage that I always use but the smell is softer and I'll say maybe sweeter. Is a completely different feeling but I highly recommend it.
      The price was also very good and even if my package hasn't had a quick delivery because I ordered in the black friday - christmas season, they uploaded EVERY single change and ship they made in the website and honestly that was the best part because I was feeling safe about my order all the time. 5\5

      My New Favourite Herb

      My first time using Yerba Santa and I absolutely love it.

      Margaret McIntosh

      Good purchase very quick delivery.

      Valentine Auliso

      Yerba Santa 4.5"


      Our Integrity

      We prioritize our sourcing by working with a small handful of small-scale miners, family-run businesses that own farms & lands for all of our plants & crystals.